8 reasons why you need to ditch the scale

1. Your scales lie
Your weight on scales can be affected by so many things that are out of your control – time of day, what you’ve had to eat/drink recently, hormones are just a few of them. We think that weight is the ultimate indicator of our success or failure and this isn’t true.

2. Muscle weighs more than fat
NO NO NO! 1kg of fat weighs exactly the same as 1kg of muscle, muscle is just more dense than fat. So, if you replace 10kg of fat with 10kg of muscle you would weigh the same, but look much leaner and feel much better. The scale is lying to you.

3. Weight loss is a poor motivator
Because your scale is lying to you, it ends up being a bad for motivation. When the scale shows what we want it to, we are motivated to continue eating healthy and exercising, but when it doesn’t we are tempted to give up or resort to unhealthy habits like skipping meals and over exercising. When we rely on our scale for motivation from day to day or week to week, we are opening ourselves up to disappointment and discouragement.

4. You’ll learn to rely on better indicators of health
When you ditch your scale, you focus on better indicators of health. The most important indicator, in my opinion, is how we are feeling, which the scale won’t tell you if you have more energy or less aches and pains. They won’t tell you if your clothes are fitting better or if you are feeling more confident. These are the things you can rely on to keep you motivated.

5. You’ll feel happier
The wrong number on the scale can turn a good week into a bad one. It’s silly, because you could be feeling fantastic about your success and progress until you get on the scale.

6. You’ll avoid the “All or Nothing” mentality
I think many of us have the tendency to either be in weight loss/diet mode or not. Hopefully, getting rid of the scale will help you avoid this. When you aren’t eating healthy and exercising to lose weight, but instead doing it to feel great you’ll be more likely to just generally care for yourself. Not perfect and not terrible, just good. Perfect isn’t sustainable long term, but good is.

7. You’ll naturally find your healthy weight
For some reason many of us have a number in our head that is our perfect weight. The funny thing is, usually it isn’t really based on health. Your healthy weight is going to look different than everyone else’s and it will be different at different times in your life. If you continue to eat a generally healthy diet (not perfect, but good) and stay active your body will find its happy place. You’ll want your healthy weight to be a place you can maintain long term, not something you have to kill yourself to keep the scale at. It may not look exactly like the number in your head, but I bet it will feel better.

8. It’ll help stop comparisons
The fact of the matter is that our bodies are all so different in so many ways. Again, your healthy weight will not be the same as anyone else’s. And, since the scale lies and muscle is less dense than fat it really isn’t even fair to compare your current weight to your past weight. Focus on how healthy you feel and work to improve that instead.

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